Monday, June 15, 2009

Playwright Ken Campbell on the Skeleton Key

In The Independent he tells of a visit he had in 1976.

One morning I answered the door to a man I didn't know. We chatted a bit about people we possibly had in common, then he asked whether he could smoke a joint, and told me he was a roving reporter for High Times [the marijuana enthusiasts' magazine]. He had heard I was interested in conspiracy, and brought out something like 23 pages of closely typed carbon copy called The Gemstone File. He had been carrying it around for some time, unable to work out what to do with it. He left it with me, and I never saw him again.

The Gemstone File was the entire background of the Kennedy assassination; names and addresses, who had done it, and the historical perspective. Back in 1976 newsagents didn't have copiers, and the nearest one was Swiss Cottage library. But I opened the door to go there and then thought, who was that man? In the great conspiracy web, the problem is that you don't know who or what people are working for. The curtains twitched in the house opposite. I remained inside the whole day, unable to work out how to get the manuscript photocopied without arousing suspicion. Finally, I rang Martin Walker and he made 40 copies, 20 for each of us to send out. To have your own copier is a comfort. I can still recall the irrational paranoia of that day.


Blogger Peter said...

This is my first encounter with gemstone. I read most all of it. Very intriguing. Much has to be taken figuratively even though there are many interesting literal tidbits of information.
The whole Onassis thing is code. Onassis is Greek. Greeks are often linked with homosexuals. So Onassis is code for the homosexual mafia.
Watching Martin Scorceses movie, "The Aviator" one encounters an interesting interplay between Howard Hughes and Juan Trippe. Trippe was Skull and Bones, East Coast elite Yalie(gay?).The Trippe character was portrayed with predatory glee by the actor Alec Baldwin. Trippe was the homosexual mafia getting ready to pounce upon Hughes and the Hughes empire.
I really think that Onassis represents the vast homosexual networks that have operated behind the scenes throughout European and US history.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Whatever Peter???

12:24 AM  
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