Friday, March 10, 2006

Gwen Sky

I received a couple of emails from Gwen Sky, the woman who transcribed the Bruce Roberts' letters. God, what a job that must have been!

Mon, 6 Mar 2006:

Good website. I am the person who transcribed the copies of the Roberts letters for Tom Davis several years ago, when he was still living in Santa Barbara and shortly before Tom passed away. Since that time, I have moved to Australia (permanantly). I have been wondering what ever happened to the files and to Stephanie Caruana - I have not met her personally, but I got in touch with her a few years ago via email at the time she was going to make the Gemstone CD available. Please if you see her please tell her hello and I am still waiting for the CD :-) Again, good website and I am glad to know that Gemstone is finally out there 'in total,' sort of.

Gwen Sky

Wed, 8 Mar 2006:

Thanks for writing me back. I worked on the Gemstone letters for Tom Davis for around eight or so months, and yes, they were quite a chore. I can understand why nobody else seemed to want to tackle them. Please excuse this long and boring letter. I was so glad you put them on the net, finally. I have read so much crap about Gemstone over the years. By the way, there are a couple of things that I probably should clear up - not really important or earthshaking things, just things I have come accross since I got involved in this Gemstone Files thing.

Number one, somewhere in your site it mentions something about Stephanie Caruanas mispelling 'Tisserant' (Tisseront) (I think it was Martin Cannon) - I think that mispelling (among others) might have been mine, in a sense. But since the name was originally mispelled in Roberts' letters, so I can't take all the blame for that. I was never sure when I was typing the letters whether I should just leave the whole thing, typos, ranting and the lot, just the way it was, or correct some of the many typos, just to make the letters more coherent. I may have overlooked that particular mispelling, and undoubtedly, quite a few others as well. I have to admit that the sum of my experience as a typist at the time was email and chatrooms, and I learned how to use Microsoft Word while I was doing the Gemstone Files for Tom. Not much of a resume, but there you are.

I haven't reread the entire Gemstone Files as it appears on your site, but as far as I can tell, the one that you have appears to be the files as I did them. There are a couple of things I recognise in the one you have that appear only (first) in the copies I did. One is, the files never had exactly 349 pages (plus notes, I think) until after I did them. I don't know where you got the files - I was just glad to see the whole thing, for free, for everybody, for whtever it's worth. As far as I know, there were only a few people who ever had access to them, as has been said, but, aside from general curiosity, I don't really care. The so-called 'original' letters that I saw were never really 'original,' as in someone's actual handwriting. The files, as Tom first showed them to me, were copies of letters which Roberts apparently had copied on shiny grey 'mimeograph' paper - each page seemed to be a different length (cut off with scissors), and what I saw appeared to be the same 'mimeo' types I remember seeing as a child. Tom copied these letters at a print shop so that I could take them home and work on them. As far as the content of the files, I don't believe they were ever meant to be a manuscript or even a cohesive whole, as I have heard claimed.

I have had several copies of 'the original' Gemstone Files since I did the work for Tom, but I guess I never thought all that much about what they were 'worth.' Oh well. Story of my life. Whatever Stephanie Caruana or anyone else does with them, I don't really care. For all the mythology surrounding them, as far as I know, nobody has ever made that much money from them. I didn't make any great money from the work that I did, I didn't receive any 'credit' for doing the work that I did, and I didn't expect to make any money or receive any credit. At the time, I was doing a favour for a friend, and I was interested in what the Gemstone Files had to say.

I have my own opinions as to the validity of the Gemstone letters. I'm not a researcher, I'm a nobody, and I have always been amazed by the idea that, if I had access to them, why didn't a lot of other people (like: some person with a background in this type of research, for instance) have access to them, and why didn't they appear on the internet a lot sooner than they did? Afterall, a whole lot of people supposedly wanted to know where they were, but apparently, nobody, after seeing them, wanted to transcribe them.

There are a couple of things in Gemstone that I would be interested in knowing more about, but almost everybody who writes about them seems to be more interested in whether Onassis was The Godfather of Cosa Nostra or Roberts was just a raving lunatic, obsessed with the Pope. One thing that intrigued me was the bit about Connolly's 'extra' bullet (I forget which foreign country he was secreted to, to have that removed). Another was the bit about the 'new ports' or bays that Roberts alluded to in one or two parts of the letters - if I remember it right, this was based on something Roberts had seen, and a copy or copies (such as a map?) may have been included in some of the original letters. He did claim in some of the letters that he had enclosed "PROOFS" - such as copies of documents, sometimes video or audio tapes, articles, sometimes photos, stuff like that. NONE of that stuff exists anymore (unless you include the one front page article of Joan Kennedy with some of Roberts' more florid writing style accompanying). Or does it? Add that to the mythical original '1000-1500 pages in all,' and the missing pages just from the 349 pages we know about, and you end up with a lot of Gemstone that is lost.

Roberts mentioned a project that had something to do with them (the US military?) setting off nukes (or something?) under some bays in the California area, I think, to create... something...? maybe new real estate or shipping lanes or something. My guess would be shipping lanes, and when you think about that, especially it in terms of OIL, the whole thing sorta starts to make you go 'hey, what?' - maybe it was just more signs of Roberts' mind deteriorating already and even if it was true, my guess is that the whole plan is long dead. Maybe. What the hell would I know? Anyway, the 'new' bays had new names and everything like 'Alioto Bay' or something along those lines. But everybody seems so bent on talking about Roberts' delusions, and this stuff is never discussed.

Well that's about it. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Again, congratulations on getting Gemstone out there.

Gwen Sky


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