Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jim Keith - Gemstone Author

The first book on the Gemstone Files, now rather scarce, is a little volume called Beyond the Gemstone Files by Peter Renzo. The first book to achieve a more wide-spread circulation was The Gemstone File by the late Jim Keith. This is from an interview with Jim.


Jim Keith, Goes Fishin' for Gems

RX: How do you describe the Gemstone Files to people who have never heard of them before?

JK: The Gemstone Files were a conspiratorial document of (depending on who you listen to) roughly a thousand pages put together by a character named Bruce Roberts in the early 70s. He died and a skeleton key of The Gemstone File was made apparently by a woman called Stephanie Caruana. Now I've met Stephanie and I believe she probably put the skeleton key together, there are a number of other people who claim they did. What most people have seen is the skeleton key of about 30 pages... however, that larger document varying on the version from 300-1,000 pages is actually floating around. I know of 3-4 people who have copies, however, for one reason or another I have not been able to pry a copy of the original Gemstone File out of them, nor have any other researchers who have done books on the subject; the primary reason being that people have set incredibly high dollar figures on copies of the Gemstone File and I think that most of these people who have the original are waiting for their ship to come in...and to get a big buck sale on their original file.

As I have said I have a copy of the larger Gemstone File, which I will post very soon.


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