Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gemstone CD

Stephanie Caruana put together an interesting CD about the Gemstone Files a few years ago. It is available from Last Hurrah Books at

Bruce Roberts' Gemstone File
Contents of CD-ROM

Prologue by Bruce Roberts
PREFACE by Kenn Thomas

INTRODUCTION by Stephanie Caruana

Letters to Ralph Nader and others
Nader's $457,000 Cash Settlement: Death of the "Consumers' Party"
Selling Gemstones with Histories to Foreign Countries
37 "Gemstone" countries vote China into the U.N.
From Cradle to Grave with the Mafia
A Chronology
Clifford Irving's "Hughes Autobiography" Hoax
Bouncing Onassis-"Hughes" Through the Tropics
The $6 Billion Heroin Bust
Letters to Mother: March 20-April 9, 1972
June: Dickie's Moscow Trip
News Summary
Cardinal Tisserant's Papers
June 1972 - Good Housekeeping: "We Ate Mary Jo's Liver" [A Gemstone Satire]
The 1972 Democratic Convention in Miami: Hello Teddy
Charles Garry and the Murders of Black Panthers Hampton and Clark
John Connally and Dr. Duke Reminisce in Afghanistan about the Bullet Holes of Dallas
Saving Daniel Ellsberg
World Bank's Super-Drug-Highway in Paraguay
My father's birthday
Watergate details
My Father's Murder
Watergate 5 at the Drift In

Part 2: 1974 to Present

1974: Mae Brussell and Me: Patty Hearst, "Cinque" and the S.L.A.: (Berkeley Barb)
Mae Brussell, Bruce Roberts and Me: Onassis, Howard Hughes and JFK
Is Howard Hughes Dead and Buried Off a Greek Island? (Playgirl, December 1974)
September 1974-June 1975: Bruce Roberts and Me
Excerpts from Roberts' letters, dated late 1974
January 15, 1975: Letter to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt
February 10, 1975: Letter to President Tito of Yugoslavia
A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File: Update 2001 - by Stephanie Caruana
1977-78: "Dialogue: Conspiracy", the Skeleton Key, Mae Brussell and Me
Is the CIA After Me, or What???
Gemstone and Hustler: Larry Flynt Shot for Seeking Truth about JFK's Murder?
2001: Gemstone Revisited



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