Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Gemstone File and the Masons

I received an email today from the Masons about the Gemstone File! I do not know much about the Masons--it appears that they are either the Secret Rulers of the World, or a group of guys who like to get away from their wives from time to time. The quotes relating to Masonry in the Gemstone File that Stephanie Caruana provided are apparently from her edited and cleaned up version of the Gemstone letters. I haven't yet had the chance to compare them to the original but I note the reference to "cancerous crud." I know Bruce Roberts' style and I am almost certain that the original letter said "cancerous shit."

Dear Sir,

I understand that you may be tired of fielding questions about the Gemstone File, but hope that you will assist me in checking my facts.

After posting on our website <> that the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File was noteworthy for an absence of masonic references, Stephanie Caruana emailed me with what she claimed are masonic references taken from what she termed her "fragmentary scattering of the letters and papers written by Roberts between 1968 and 1976".

I understand you to have a complete set of the 351 pages of the Gemstone File. Caruana claims Brussell received photocopies of 360 pages from Roberts but doesn't tell me how many she has. She does claim to have an additional two letters to heads of state in 1975, that she got directly from Roberts in 1975.

Stephanie Caruana claimed in an email exchange with me that you most likely received your copy from Tom Davis, and that you possibly gave a copy to Jim Moore.

Caruana identified five references to Freemasonry for me from what she termed her "fragmentary scattering of the letters and papers written by Roberts between 1968 and 1976."

My questions to you:1. How many pages do you have and from who did you receive them?

2. Did you give James L. Moore his copy, or are you aware if he has a set?

3. Is there any lingering doubt that Caruana wrote the Skeleton Key?

4. Not knowing if Caruana's set is in the same order as yours, can you tell me if the following excerpts appear in your copies, and if so, do they appear in the same form?

(p. 242 of current mss.)
"His group is one of the biggest stockholders in the world. He exiled a South American Cardinal who published documents indicating that the Pope's mother-Mrs. Montini-was Jewish, and that the Vatican has corporate connections to Free Masonry around the world."How come the Pope hates the Jews? Is it because they are non-Vatican? Does he hate his mother? She's Jewish. Does he hate himself? He's half Jewish. Why is he ashamed of his corporate Free Masonry connections? Aren't they a secret swindling branch of the Versailles group, to which he belongs?"Incidentally, don't Free Masons attend the funerals of their members' families? My brother is a Mason. No Masons attended my father's funeral-and they know why he was murdered, and who murdered him. My brother wasn't there either. Ain't that odd? But then, he's a Mason. Right, mother? It was a little lonesome, wasn't it?"

(p. 296-97 of current mss.)
"Bishop Don Camara, from San Rafael, Brazil (who was exiled there after he printed the fact that Pope Montini is one-half Jewish-by way of his mother-and wheels and deals with Freemasonry around the world, working both sides of the Mafia Street), is under a current sentence of assassination by the Vatican Mafia that owns Brazil. They hung Camara's Priest assistant on a cross in Camara's church. He is very dead. The Vatican Mafia death sentence on Camara is printed in the Brazilian Mafia Press."

(p. 312-13 of current mss.)
"It is indeed depressing to watch the disintegration of human moral fiber into a glob of cancerous crud. His card was mailed from the home of Thelma Golding, his second ex-wife: the Portland Mafia who works for Mafia San Diego Smith, who works for wonderful Richard Nixon, who works for Onassis, and all with the blessings of Montini, the Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz, who owns Sweig's Masonic branch, to which my brother belongs."

(p. 342 of current mss.)
"The Vultures in Vegas were the first to know. Looting of Onassis started on a grand scale. (The Wall Street Journal-July 31 and August 1, 1972-enumerates some of this). Omitted, of course, are the probes by Clifford Irving, based on "Hughes" nursemaid Merryman's squealing (which murdered him) and then the hasty flight of the Onassis "Proxy" Hughes from Vegas to the Bahamas, then to Nicaragua (this time, frightened off by two Spokane phone calls to my Masonic brother, relative to my father's murder). Then to Vancouver-skirting the borders. It took Onassis a year just to arrange-after Chappaquiddick-to get his "Proxy" Hughes out of the U.S. of Mafia."

(p. 368 of current mss.)
"He is a Mason, formerly married to a member of the Miami Cuban community [Marina Iglesias], and is now hiding in a Sinatra-C. Arnholdt Smith closet in Portland, Oregon. "

I realize that I'm asking a lot of you, but I hesitate to include these quotes on our website without corroboration and I don't know where else to turn. Any assistance you may offer will be gratefully received.

Yours sincerely,Trevor W. McKeown, GHSite administrator, Grand Lodge website

Chairman and CuratorLibrary and Archives Board of Trustees
Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon A.F.& A.M.
1495 W. 8th Ave.Vancouver, British ColumbiaV6H 1C9 Canada


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