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The June 1975 Skeleton Key

According to Stephanie Caruana, she released three different versions of the Skeleton Key. The first was released in April 1975. I have never seen a copy and am not sure if any have survived. The second was released in May 1975, and is the version that is found on the web and in all the books. There are links to it to the right. The third was dated June 1975 and I obtained a copy from the National Archives. This Key was part of the collection of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, record #180-10106-10433. Most of it is the same as the May version but it has an different opening and closing section. The document opens:


People have asked me to explain how and where I got this Gemstone information.

In March, 1974, I was an investigative journalist for Playgirl magazine. I met and worked with Mae Magnin Brussell, a "conspiracy researcher." In August, Brussell showed me some unidentifed papers, regarding an article we were to "co-author" for Playgirl. I read them with interest; then, using Brussell's collection of research material, wrote the "Onassis is Hughes" article for Playgirl.

In September, I visited Bruce Roberts in San Francisco, and asked to see more of the file. He gave me a waiver to read it at various foreign consulates. The waiver referred to "Gemstone papers" and this was the first time I began to understand what I have been reading. In October, I ended my association with Brussell, and moved to San Francisco.

In November, I read more of Gemstone at a consulate which prefers not to be identified. Trying to make sense of my notes I developed a brief chronology which later became the Gemstone Skeleton Key.

In December and January, I researched the Gemstone Chappaquiddick information, and verified Roberts' accuracy in virtually every detail. I also did some research on the JFK assassination. There to, the true picture began to emerge; it corresponded with Gemstone. I wrote an article on Chappaquiddick, which was turned down by every publisher who saw it. This brought home to me the fact that regardless of the truth, the media would rather see Teddy Kennnedy President than exposed as a murderer.

By February, 1975, I was completely broke. I had effectively lost my job with Playgirl, because, of my interest in national politics. I tried to make some money by turning away from Gemstone and writing on other subjects.

On March 15, Roberts entered U.S. (Moffitt) Hospital, for treatment of a grapefruit-sized tumor over the heart. I visited him often. Doctor friends told me that if he had cancer, the prognosis was poor. Roberts told me that if he had cancer, it had been induced. I felt grief--that the only man I ever knew who searched for the truth, and told it--to anyone who would listen--was being murdered for it. And rage--at those who were murdering him. And shame--at miy own inaction, sitting back, watching him do it, and telling myself there was nothing I could do. I realized that even if I kept writing articles based on Gemstone, the articles wouldn't explain anything. All events are rooted in the past, and affect the future. That is the only way they can be understood. Gemstone is a historical continuum--and no one would understand what I was talking about unless they got a glimpse of the whole continuum.

In April, the first Gemstone Skeleton Keys went out, to Penthouse, Playgirl, Village Voice, New Times, Rolling Stone, and Playboy, and others of the so-called "liberal" political press. And either ignored or rejected the information. Roberts was out of the hospital and recovering.

By May, I knew the controlled press would not publish this information. But things work both ways. IBM and Xerox have made a fortune putting copiers on almost every corner. Anyone can take a few of the dollars the Mafia missed, copy this, and pass it on to someone else

Reading the Gemstone catalog of the thousands of individuals murdered to keep this information secret, I do not think I am immune. But I am even more afraid to go on living in this society, with its Kissinger-Schlesinger "brinkmanship," and the eerie calm with which it has murdered millions in Indochina and Africa--for pure greed--and with which it murders its own people, to maintain the power structure.

This Mafia government is a paper tiger, trembling in fear of its sins becoming known. Its illusory domestic power rests on the fear and ignorance of the poeople--and that depends on the collusion of the media. Only with the people's apathy stands between the Mafia and hang-ropes--with the blessings of the "civilized," non-Mafia people of the globe--and the possibility of a return to the principles of intent set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Its awesome arsenal of death may prove illusory as well--in that gruesome half-hours of ultimate confrontations when "our leaders" may discover that "our" buttons don't work--while "theirs" do. The fact that you are reading this means that the blustering bully boys of U.S. diplomacy have not dared to put that final question--their last--and that you do have guts.

People also ask: "What is a Gemstone? And What is a Gemstone with history?"

A Gemstone may be literally that: A synthetic ruby, or saphire, Or it may be symbolic. My "Gemstone" is a Dallas dime--described in the letter to President Sadat of Egypt. I paid for it--with a check inscribed, "For a Dallas Dime, with history." The Sadat--who parlayed it into millions, at the risk of his life.

A Gemstone "history" is a paper, usually written by Roberts, containing important information not generally known. Gemstone papers are frequently letters. One was a lengthy "check endorsement." One--"We Ate Mary Jo's Liver--is a space-age satire--and a mindblowing masterpiece ranking with anything I have ever read.

What more can I say? Genius is a retrospective word we used to describe someone who produces something unique. Roberts reminds me that he is a scientist. But he is also a great author and historian--and so history shall judge him if there is a history.

"Gemstone" also refers to "the original Gemstone expoeriment"--and here I am lost. I do not know the details, and I don't think I care to know. Closest guess is:

Roberts studied physics with special interest in crystallography. Laboratory work focussed on development of synthetic gemstones, using seed crystals in mineral solutions, combined with heat and pressure over a period of time.

Working with these elements seems to have led to the theoretical and practical development of a weapon far more power than the "conventional" nuclear bomb. Roberts has described it as "anti-matter:" and "like the death of a dwarf star, which flares up for 11 hours, and then becomes a black hole in space."

Take it or leave it, folks. Thats all I know about "the original Gemstone experiment." All I can say is that after months of second guessing, bewilderment and skepticism, combined with research, study, and thought, I tend to take Roberts at his word: "it's as though I went to Tierra del Fuego and lit a match. To the natives, it would be terrifying. Even if I explained that it was simply phosphorus, reaching its ignition point on striking, they still wouldn't understand. In the same way, if you had told the people of Hiroshima five minutes before the first nuclear bomb hit that 100,000 of them were about to die, and how, they wouldn't have comprended either. Gemstone is like that. People won't understand it until it happens.

I might add that though Roberts has lost a son and a father to Mafia murderers, and recently survived a murder attempt on himself, he is tring to avoid the use of such deadly weapons. He firmly believes in hanging Mafia--not murdering millions of people who are trying to mind their own business.

I agree with that idea. That is why I have prepared this paper. The U.S. Mafia Government will make every effort to stop its distribution.

But it can't--because on every street corner is a copying machine. Use them.

Maybe the truth will set you free. 2000 years later.

June 5, 1975
San Francisco
Stephanie Caruana

(Thereafter follows the Skeleton Key.)


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Hey that is way cool! Thanks for the insight
Sean Cody

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Thanks for that mate, I am still pretty new to this so your info is great!
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This story about Bruce Roberts is a total fabrication. Bruce Robets was a psudonym used used by James L. Moore, my ex husband of 15 years, who is still alive and lives in Tenneessee. He can be found and this verified by going to

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